June 24, 2009

Mock Draft 6.Durrrr!

I had full intentions of doing my own mock draft this year but just haven't been able to put in the time to take a good enough look at everything to be able to put something together. I do have a lot of ideas regarding the draft this year. I'll pop through some picks here and give a short, sweet, and probably not very accurate prediction of what will happen.

1. The Clippers take Blake Griffin. Yeah, this is stupid. I almost left this one off because no one in their right mind is going to do anything else BUT take this man #1. Not even the Clip Ship can gag this one up.

2. There is some rumor here that the Wolves are trying to move up to this spot to assure themselves Ricky Rubio. It seems feasible but unlikely. We just don't have anything that Memphis wants, atleast that isn't both our top-10 draft picks. They have no need for a PG, and it sort of sounds like Rubio doesn't want to play there, so he's out. OJ Mayo was their guy last year and Rudy Gay is their star, so they don't need any of the other wing players that are available. They'll take Thabeet, they'll be happy with that pick, until he has a foot injury in year 2 and has to call it a career by year 5. Sorry Hasheem, I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see it working out for you.

3. There is a lot of talk about what OKC is going to do here. They technically have a PG in Russell Westbrook, although I think he can play off the ball as well. Nobody thinks it's going to be Rubio here, but I'm not holding my breath. Dick Vitale is more than happy to give you his opinion on what they should do with this pick (it starts at the 2:40 mark). I'll go on record right now and say I disagree but I guess I don't see why not. James Harden is a good option here too.

4. This is where it gets interesting. The Kings have a scoring guard in Kevin Martin - and he's signed to a stupid-long, crazy-expensive, Rashard Lewis-type contract. They committed a decent amount of money to Beno Udrih, although I wouldn't hesitate to put him on the bench behind Rubio. If they don't take Rubio here, I would say that Jordan Hill makes sense here. He's big, althletic, and can score in bunches. Some also are saying Johnny Flynn here.

5. If Rubio is here, the Wolves take him. No doubts. If he's not? Then they take Tyreke Evans, and lord knows I'm a big fan of this kid. He's a legitimate 6-5 2-guard who has the body, and skills, to be a solid defender within a year or two. Oh, and he's already ready to be a dominant scorer and playmaker. If he's not here then that means James Harden or Jonny Flynn are available, both would be good fits in Minnesota. I'm an especially big fan or Harden if Rubio or Evans aren't available.

6. In a dream world, Rubio was available at 5, with Evans still on the board. Boo-yaa! Of course, this is the Wolves - and their luck - we're talking about, so it probably won't roll out that way. I expect to get one of Rubio, Evans, or Harden at #5. If the other two are not available at this point, the Wolves can't pass on Thabeet - I know, I just told you how I think his career is going to go down. He's just too big and fills a very big need for the Wolves, not to mention the lack of blow-your-mind talent available in this draft. I would also look at Terrence Williams here - if you watched the Dicky V interview video above you may have noticed his athleticism. Watch it again and tell me he doesn't look impressive. I would probably take a look at Stephen Curry here too, although mostly just to try to dupe the Knicks into doing something stupid - like swapping picks and giving us their first round pick in the draft next year too.

And that's really all I care about for now. The Wolves have the #18 and #28 picks, with Sam Young and Chase Budinger being my top choices at those two spots, but I'm not so sure they'll actually be making those picks (rumor has it they're possibly selling #28 to the Knicks).

"Hey dude, but what about who the Bulls are going to take - that dude from the Duke Blue Doops!"

Sorry Big Gregg, I just don't care. Not this year. I have much too much on my plate to care about regarding the Wolves this year to be too worried about how New Jersey, Charlotte, and Indiana are going to screw up in the draft this year - In BIG ways I tell you, BIG ways.

Of course, with more than a full 24 hours before the actual draft, situations may change in ways my mind cannot comprehend, so buckle up folks. We're about to go for a ride, and this sucker don't end til the sun goes down tomorrow.

It's going to be fun!


Dickfer said...

What about Eric Maynor? What would Sliznewski do if we got Evans, Rubio, and Maynor?

Drew Boatman said...

Hell yes. I like the scenarios. I would rate Thabeet as the lowest of all the names mentioned, but if they get him at 5 or 6, then I say yes. Otherwise, if they go through all this trading to get up to #2 to take him, I will be very angry. The guy is slow and has no offensive moves whatsoever. And he's young. He's only going to get slower. Shawn Bradley looked like hott shitt in the draft too...

Dave Snizewski said...

I like maynor, but they have bigger needs than a third point guard. Especially since Evans could play the point in a pinch as well. I'd like to see a big, or another wing, maybe like Budinger. Plus, I think Maynor is gone by 18.