June 26, 2009

Immediately read this letter from Kahn!

The draft, explained.

I have to echo one of the commenters... I really love this transparency and honesty by the front office. They are willing to accept that Rubio may not be here next year, or even the year after that, but they can wait, and they are building the pieces for sure. That run down of the ages of our current players makes me absolutely giddy.


Dave Snizewski said...

Wow. I cannot express to you the confidence I have in him as the decision maker for our basketball team. I know part of his job is to sell the fans, and players, on the team, but it's amazingly refreshing to read an intelligent statement from the front office of this organization. Read this, then go back and read Taylor's letter regarding the KG trade. WORLD. OF. DIFFERENCE.

I have faith that this guy knows basketball, even if I'm still a bit confused on what went down in the draft.

Drew Boatman said...

I also really like that he's a lawyer and not an ex-player or a columnist. Lawyers get shit done, analytically. Especially for dealing with sticky contract buyouts like Rubio's... I'd rather have the guy versed in law than "ballplayers".

And I'll say it now and probably have to defend it for the rest of my life, but it's never, NEVER, a bad idea to draft for talent instead of need. Taking two point guards only looks bad when they are taken back to back like that. But you draft talent. And it is VERY VERY clear that those two were the most talented at that position in the draft. So, kudos.