June 18, 2008

What's Up With KG?

Was it just me, or did he sound like a total retard last night? I mean, I realize how much winning means to him, but what was with the babbling beginning to the Tafoya interview? And yelling 'Anything is possible' and giving shout out to cities? It was kind of embarassing.

Don't get me wrong I love KG. I love the fact that the first shout out he gave was 'Sota and NOT Boston. I'm glad that he got what he's always wanted and that he is indeed on 'top of the world' as he so vehemently put it. He just sounded like kind of a moron, which is not normally how KG and his extreme emotions come off.

Anyways, enough with the negativity.

Congrats KG, welcome to history son, welcome to history.

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