June 26, 2008

Coffee Beans. Everywhere.

No, Michael Beasely isn't going to drop into our lap.

Yes, O.J. Mayo is more talented than any wing player currently on our roster.

Yes, Brook Lopez is second coming of Felton Longley Grant

No, the automatic coffee maker isn't working.


This draft is one that's ripe with the potential to fail. Our team just won't be able to get this one right. There isn't one chance in a million they make the correct decision. Not one.

Now, before you start throwing rocks with Wolves logos on them, let me explain the extreme negativity. I'm trying to take the Sports Guy Angle on this draft - the reverse jinx if you will. I want nothing more than for this franchise to fall ass-backwards into the best player they can. I want them to steal another gem out of the draft a la Kevin Garnett. Unfortunately, I believe the best case scenario is that they draft the next Len Bias. They need some draft sympathy points from David Stern's office - they did orchestrate the perfect NBA Finals so maybe they could ensure that the Wolves land the next sure thing in a future draft.

They really like Love, but not at #3. They're not totally sold on Mayo, not to mention the glut of wing players already on the rosters. Brook Lopez, who's slipping down the draft board, sounds like Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs. No, seriously, he really does.

It places the ball in the basket...


An option that I could get behind would be swapping picks with the Clippers(#7), take Kevin Love, and get Al Thornton out of the deal as well. This would give us two very complimentary bigs in Love and Jefferson plus it would fill a glaring need at the small forward position. If we could throw McCants into the deal I would be an even bigger fan.

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Dickfer said...

I am OK with Love (but not at #3). I think he will be a decent player, under good coaching. Remember, this will basically be his soph. year if he stayed. I think we can get someone's next 1st round pick, lottery only, for the Mayo spot.

I was forced to read Sid's article today. Floyd told Hoiberg about Mayo . . . great.

The draft should be good comedy.