June 5, 2008

NBA Officials

They're already "setting the tone" in the Finals by getting in the way. They've been terrible the entire playoffs and are continuing to hamper the game with their inability to make the correct call at the correct time.

David Stern needs to look at the officiating crews this offseason and figure something out for the playoffs next year because it's been almost unwatchable this season.


Drew Boatman said...

I was at the horse track last night. I watched probably 5 minutes of total game action.

I was able to identify at least one call that went completely the wrong way. When a player from the Celtics knocks the ball out of bounds, the possession should go to the Lakers. But not this year.

Trip Darvez said...

I, too, avoided the game...what with Frank's Steaks across the street and Swingtown on CBS. NBA refs or 1976 Chicago? As if there's a choice.