June 29, 2007

Rappers Make Bucks And I Can Hear It, Hard To Fear It, Cause I Know You Grew Up On My Lyrics

Throw the draft analysis out the window for now. It's time to make a statement.


What kind of world do we live in where people can talk about trading him away and building for the future, quick to bring up all of his perceived "faults". He can't score in the fourth quarter. He can't take over games. He can't defend the low post.



Tim Duncan's got hella rings, and this isn't an out and out comparison, but have you seen these stats?

Duncan: 21.8 PPG 11.9 RPG
KG: 20.5 PPG 11.4 RPG

Let's see, KG has been one of the best rebounders in the NBA for a long time. He's been able to create his own shot, and execute it well for a long time. He's been named to the all-defensive team EIGHT times. He's been to the All-Star game TEN TEN TEN TEN years in a row.


You don't fix this team by trading him. You fix this team by giving him complementary players, guys that feed off of what KG brings to the floor. He's the most talented PF in the NBA. Yeah. He's the most intense maybe in NBA history. You don't dump guys like this for contract relief, or for future picks, or for anything. Do you know how many teams in the NBA would kill a member of their front office just to sniff KG for 4 months? Just to have that insane level of consistency? "Hi, my name is Kevin, and I'll just get 20 and 10 EVERY SINGLE NIGHT."


I'm absolutely livid right now at all of the trade talk. I can't believe what has happened with this team in the last month. I really thought Deadzo was going to pull the trigger and make me give up on this team. But I'm not going anywhere. I'm back with a vengeance.

Here's the thing for anyone out there who thinks about trading KG. Who is possibly going to replace his rebounding and defense? Is there another player in the NBA or NCAA who can even come close to matching his production? If you trade KG, you lose one of the best rebounders in the league, and on a team that already is near the bottom in rebounding. Craig Smith is very nice and all, but I think that I'm taller than him. Mark Madsen is... well, you know. Eddie Griffin is currently checking out the room behind the curtain at Video Biz. There's not anyone else who can even come close to that sort of production on the boards.

No matter what we would get back for Garnett, it would NEVER equal what we have. Isn't that the basic rule of a trade? Try to get better, either right away or in the future? Shouldn't every single trade be evaluated using that criteria? Then tell me what happens when you trade one of the best players in the NBA? Do you get back one of the best players in the NBA, or someone that COULD BECOME one of the best players in the NBA? No? THEN WHY IN GOD'S NAME WOULD YOU DO THAT TRADE?!?!?!?!? Oh, because KG's a free agent after this year. Oh, right. Sure. That's good justification.

He's not old, he's not broken, he's not on the down-swing. His injury problems in the last two years have been cop-outs by coaches to save him from the embarrassment of intentionally losing games to get higher draft picks. He's still one of the most consistent players in the league, and that's not changing.


There. Now that this little shit storm has passed, let's get back to making this team better.


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