June 25, 2007

The End is Nigh (and nobody's celebratin')

This is it. It's heated up to a sufficient level, and it seems foregone. I've had my head in the sand for too long, but when it breaks on the cover of ESPN, it's time to face up to it.

Every terrible decision has led us to this. Every failure in management of this franchise in the last 10 years has led directly to right now. This is where a young Skywalker takes up the saber and gives in to his destiny. This is the inevitable conclusion, the black hole of predictability. This is how dreams die - not bursting all at once in a dramatic revelation, but fading in the elements, until you can't remember the dream at all. A dark gray, fading so slowly to black that you don't realize.

My favorite basketball player of all time - and really, it's not even fucking CLOSE - is about to be traded away from my team.

And this blog will cease when it happens.

Take up whatever you find holy, hold it close, pray for relief. It won't come, not fully, but perhaps we'll see the morning together.

McHale, you did this. All of it. You wrecked the man's career. You wrecked our experience as fans. You failed completely. Tonight, you celebrate.

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