April 19, 2007

Sometimes Great Seats Can Save A Season

Watching Randy Wittman stalk the sidelines with an angered look on his face while is team is down 20 in a game against the worst team in the league, on the final night of a forgettable season, was almost funny. It almost seemed like he was trying to prove that he wasn't tanking, even if the rest of the franshise was. He almost had me convinced. Then Justin Reed started shooting...and shooting...and shooting...and shooting. It was no Mad Dog three-point-athon, but it was close. On no less than three occasions Reed was taking a 17-foot jumper with 23 seconds on the shot clock. He took 12 shots, missed 9 of them - 7 were layups, and committed 5 fouls in a heavy 28 minutes of action. It was fairly clear that he'd been given the green light by coach. Again, it wasn't Madsen jackin' threes, but it wasn't that far removed either. Aside from that, the game was just an ugly slugfest of bad teams playing poor basketball. Even Sid had a hard time stomaching the game last night - he didn't even eat all his chocolate covered raisins.

There were some highlights though.

  • Two guys were "escorted" out of the building because they refused to put away their 'Fire McFail' signs. I agree with their sentiment, but I felt bad for the usher - poor guy looked like he might have a heart attack(is that cheese sauce in your mustache?).

  • From the seats we had - row 9 behind the basket - we could hear everything Dahntay Jones and Buckets were saying to whoever they were saying it to. Dahntay Jones made a point to point and yell at 5 empty seats after he made a 7-foot jumper over no one. He's real classy.

  • Randy Foye had himself a very good game with 26 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists on 10-15 shooting. It was a quiet night for the numbers he put up. Mike James played fairly well too.

  • Local "sports writer" Sid Hartman was so displeased with the game that he decided to wander up and chat with Fred Hoiberg and Rob Babcock. He left his chocolate covered raisins behind after he put in all that hard work to get the box of candy open in the first place. What a waste...

  • I got to shake Fred Hoiberg's hand. Well, it was more of a high-five, but I wished him luck in the upcoming draft. He's such a stand up guy and, based on Craig Smith, I'm comfortable going into the draft knowing he has a hand in our selections.

For being such a bad basketball game, it was a good time had by all. Having great seats really does make being at a terrible game a much better experience. I would've liked to have seen them atleast try to make it look like they weren't trying to lose the game, but beggars can't be choosers can they?

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