April 16, 2007

Now, with all due respect...

If you asked Ricky Bobby the meaning of that phrase, it suggests you may say whatever you want about a person because you're doing it with respect.

With that said, I had good intentions in narrowing down to a list of, oh, 3-4 who were truly terrible...the worst referees in the NBA. But then, my list mushroomed to a dozen, and it was difficult really narrowing it down. We could talk about Steve Javie, Violet Palmer, or even their leader Stu Jackson...but the more I researched this idea, the more depressed I became. Why? I know that the playoffs will begin and some numskull will start calling fouls at random...see some things and not others, and in general ruin the game.

I want the NBA to prove me wrong. It won't. And this, this is our future. Fuck, I give up.

(The attempt of this article comes from Trip hearing a network TV announcer calling a particularly awful ref "one the greats of all time" right after he made back-to-back horseshit calls. This announcer needs to realize that he's not being paid by the NBA, but a broadcast...er, cable network.)

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