June 8, 2011

LeBron getting e'rybody fired up

So this is the worst pre-game speech ever, right? The commenter on YouTube has it right... check out Mike Bibby at :05. He's laughing at what LeBron said. LAUGHING. He's thinking "You know, I heard Vlade give a better speech, and it was in Russian."

Everyone is falling all over themselves trying to compare LeBron to Jordan or Bird or Magic or whatever, and it keeps changing after every game. It's a product of our media worship, but also our dumbness. And hey, I'm no stranger to that... I'm enjoying the Long Slide Down as much as anyone because it means I get to watch GREENWAY GIT SOME FOR THE VIKES, YAHOOO!!!! But the point, Jack, is that LeBron can be a lot of things, but he has to be one of the worst leaders in NBA history. Not only is he NOT Jordan, he's kind of the anti-Jordan. Freak talent, no leadership whatsoever.

When Jordan went into the hall of fame, he stood on the stage for 40 minutes and just ripped his competitors to shreds. He hadn't played in the NBA in 5 years, and he had people squirming in their seats. LeBron can't even do that on the eve of game 4 of the Finals.

Whatever you say about him, however you look back on his career, there will always be the memory of the 2010 conference finals, when LeBron basically lost his mind: shooting free throws left-handed, completely folding down the stretch, then absolutely giving up in Game 6 - not a choke-job, just a flat-out quitting that you don't see outside Wolves games in March. We now know the true motivation for all this... he was on his way out the door and didn't actually want to win a championship, because he is a quitter. And no amount of Dwyane Wade championships are going to change what he is.

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