May 4, 2011

See if you can find my car keys while you're down there

I don't know why, but my favorite basketball move since Vlade Divac came into the NBA and ruined the game is when a defender flops and there is no call.  For years those goddamned Mavericks and Kings teams attempted to soccer-up the league, and for the most part, Team Stern was happy to oblige.  But now there seems to be a bit of backlash, at least, towards this kind of thing.  Still though, occasionally you get a princess like Rondo who is clearly outmatched and should really just wave LeBron through like a matador, but he just HAS to try to stop him.  However, he's not nearly tall, strong or quick enough to actually stop him, so he falls to the ground - Ass over Adam's Apple - hoping the refs will blow the whistle and turn the ball over.

Sorry, but that doesn't happen, not on the road.  Instead, you crumple to the ground and get to be on a poster.

Next time, don't fucking flop.

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