May 25, 2011

Buried Treasure!

Recently, while cleaning out the office, I was going through a box of books from when I was a wee little misfit.  Most of the time when you’re cleaning out boxes of your old things, it just results in a lot of extra trash that needs to be taken out. You tend to discover that you kept so much crap that it often times blows the mind. It’s not that those things weren’t important at one time, but it was probably a long time ago and, frankly, you didn’t have a great idea about what was important and what was not. Obviously.

Sometimes however, you discover that subconsciously you were a genius. Sometimes you find gold.

Pure. Solid. Gold.

Exhibit A

Yeah, that’s from 90-91. I’m not totally sure how it ended up in a box full of Disney and Nursery Rhyme books, but hey, I must’ve realized the importance of this document back then and made sure to stash it away. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.
You’ll notice I made some creative “additions” to the artwork.
Bulls Vs…..Magic? Bulls?

Also, while my contribution to the art makes it hard to read, this “book” is a sticker album - Yeah! Stickers!

Each page in this glorious album is dedicated to an NBA team, holding the sticker-player-cards of 6 members of each squad.  Oh boy. 

Here you go…

Yeah, here’s our coach. How was growing up in Cupertino?

Here’s the “good” version of Rambis. It just makes me want to see the double-pump jam from behind the arc!

The Kings were nice enough to fail more than the Wolves that year and with “plays” like this, it’s not a surprise. 

What is he doing anyway, football, errr?

One. Word. Needed.


Before cocaine – well, probably after too…


22-60 that year – only 5 games better than they were THIS year. It’s sad when a team led by Pooh Richardson and Randy Breuer has more success than a team led by Kevin Love and Mike Beasley.

Apparently talent doesn’t always fair better.

I think Randy may have put on Tod Murphy’s shorts, but the skyhook makes up for it!

Trip, this one is for you. Kelly is “flashing” his midrange game.

Probably on his way to a mid-life crisis.

I wanted to show you the glory that was this team. And by ‘glory’ I mean ‘stupid looking.’




God, Greg.

Big Gregg?



(Heavy breathing)

“Hi, I don’t sweat!”

I think someone should make a documentary about Mike Gminski. Only because Will Farrell could play him…

Oh wait, they already made that movie. Minus Gminski. I got a fever and the only prescription is more Gminski!

The precursor to Vlade.

Fucking Vlade.

Fucking Rony.

Wait, I didn’t realize Greg Oden was around back in….

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Exhibit B

Overall this one doesn’t meet the gold standard that was set by the basketball sticker album however there were two items that may melt your mind.

Awwww, look, a family full of athletes.  Sorry Darrell, a couple years as a catcher for the Angels during their “hey day” doesn’t really equate to the Hall of Fame. But hey, good try!

And finally…

I had wished there was a way for me to hide this until you’ve read what I wanted to write about this gem but then I realized there are no words that I can put together that would do it any justice at all. The best thing I came up with was a picture of John Justice and Master Mel hugging and that’s not really words – nor does it express much related to the following image, other than awesomeness and the fact that neither have anything to do with basketball.

So, enjoy with caution…


Drew Boatman said...


Ok, let's do a little breakdown:

Where was Jack Sikma born?
Rik Smits face; is it punchable, or?
What style of pants is Cheryl Miller wearing? Does it start with a Z and end with a Z?
Look at Rambis' stats... what did he do well? Punch people?

This is such a fantastic post. Bravo.

Trip Darvez said...

Oh my goodness...thank you Dave. Yes, he remembers the fact that (for a while at least) I was a Charlotte Hornets fan. Even in the first seson. I do recall bothering Maurie into buying 2nd row seats at the Blunderdome in 1990 to watch the Hornets play the Wolves. ticket price? $50. Ironically, that might be the price for the 2nd row again...but yes, amazing post!

Dickfer said...

Tripucka was the one who first sported the jerseys to the public. Bucks needed to keep the Mecca floor for the Bradley Center.