October 27, 2010


The NBA has instituted a rule that prohibits players from wearing headbands upside down. 

Yeah. They have that much time.

Can you name one player that you've seen wearing a headband upside down? I couldn't. I never even noticed. The NBA logo is very small on a headband and it is especially hard to discern which way the logo is pointed when players are running around on the court.

I can't get into the new and "improved" Rasheed Wallace rules, because they're stupid and will ruin a number of NBA games this year.

But this rule? David Stern, as has been pointed out on the blog a number of times, has lost his touch.  He's gone from the guy who helped save the NBA to a clueless moron who is slowly but surely ruining the NBA.

Even The Logo is mad about this one.


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