September 4, 2009

Another Seemingly Good Decision By KAHN!

The Wolves signed PG Ramon Sessions to an offer sheet today for a reasonable contract worth about $4 million per season. The lead guard position is in the best condition it's been in since Sam-I-Am moved his sack-juggling act out of town. We have the youngster who has a ton of potential in rookie Jonny Flynn and we have the old, greasy veteran to help show the youngster the ropes in Chucky Atkins. Assuming Milwaukee doesn't match the Wolves offer, Sessions will give us a little mix of both youth and experience. When he's been given consistant playing time Sessions has had some success and averaged 11 points 6 assists for the Bucks last season.

With Sessions in the mix the Wolves won't have to rely on Chucky Atkins for significant minutes or worry so much about wear-and-tear or injury with Flynn. Plus, like I said, Sessions ain't half bad as a player, and he'll be eager to play and contribute. Worst case is that Milwaukee matches and we don't have to pay another point guard for 4 more years.

I can't help but push the idea that we spend a lot of time pushing on this here blog, but I've been really impressed with the decision-making abilities of Kahn! They may not all work out, but they all seem well thought out, both short and long term, and serve the betterment of this franchise.

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Drew Boatman said...

"they all seem well thought out, both short and long term, and serve the betterment of this franchise."

That's just it. As we look at the direction of the team, nobody can definitively say that all of these moves are going to work out, but you can see that the moves were made with care and intelligence. No team is ever going to make a whole bunch of moves that are so awesome that they start paying off right away (though inevitably, every team keeps trying exactly that). The quality organizations simply make more good moves than bad... and I think we're headed in that direction.