July 21, 2008

The Thunder

The Thunder?

The Oklahoma City Thunder?

That is an unprecedented strike-out in franchise naming history.


Dave Snizewski said...

Yeah - isn't there a crappy soccer team from our state with the same name?

Not to mention a football team in Oklahoma?

On second look, based on the "good karma" their ownership has, that name will be perfect.

Dickfer said...

Don't rip on the Blaine errr Minnesota Thunder. MLS someday (That's . . . that's the pro soccer league in this country). As Trip can tell you, thunder rhymes with blunder.

funkdoobiest said...

Oklahoma City Thunder - what?
Here's a few they missed:
1. Oklahoma City F5's
2. Oklahoma City Team Stealing ManWhores
3. Oklahoma City Ha Ha Seattles
4. Oklahoma City Thunder -- no wait that wasn't thunder it was a huge explosion at the federal building!
5. Oklahoma City Bombers
6. Oklahoma City Norm Greens
7. Oklahoma City UHaul Trucks