July 10, 2008

Big Al?

I hop off the bus home from work, wander into the apartment, and prepare to go running. Out the door, down the block, and towards lake Harriet. I hit the path running and who do I see?

Al Jefferson, dragging either his trainer or a security guy around the lake. On second thought, the guy looked like Carl Winslow, so it's doubtful he was a trainer. Big Al on the otherhand, for all the flack he takes for not being an athlete, he looked pretty damn ripped. Especially for the offseason. Nice to see him in town working for next season. Gives me a little more hope.

On a side note, Al is listed at 6'10" - only an inch shorter than KG. If Big Al is indeed 6'10" - which I believe he is - then KG has got to be 7'1" atleast. Seriously.

1 comment:

Dickfer said...

You run? Define "run". What kind of wings do you reward yourself with after this "run"?