July 30, 2007

Scandalous, Money Greed and Lust, In This Trife Life, There Ain't Nobody You Can Trust

Here we sit again.

Do I even need to type anything at this point? I'm in the enemy's camp, as they celebrate around me. Their dreams are about to be realized. They have no idea what they are in for. An energy bolt is about to shoot through the Fleet Center like they have never seen. Banners could hang. Glory returned to the city of wind.

And back home, it's like bullets in the breeze.

I don't know how else to say this, I don't know what direction to go in, I can only say that my love for this franchise will die, my fanaticism will wink out like a ship's light in a storm. I'm not rational enough to explain what's going to happen. I'm not clear-headed enough to see this through to the logical conclusion.

I drop to sleep tonight deep behind enemy lines. By morning, this could be my favorite basketball town. We could see the arrival of the Kid who became the Man. I'm excited for them, I truly am.

I'm not going to ever give money to the Wolves as long as Deadzo is in charge, if this happens. I'm done supporting them until he leaves.

Luckily, I'm much younger than him. I can wait.

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Trip Darvez said...

The city of wind is actually the town where, in a month or so, a certain baseball team will break my heart again. But the Nor'Easter is a bitch of a storm when it shows up.

We're from Chicago, Mr. Walley, the Windy City...