August 2, 2006

Why Broken Rappers Suck At Basketball

This summer it has been reported that Troy Hudson refused to workout infront of Timberwolves officials because he apparently doesn't trust them. He feels he's been rushed in the past. Really Troy? I think your agent put it best.

"When he goes to work for them, they push him to do more than he feels he's ready to do"

Hmm, so you don't want to workout because you're still broken and can't run or cut? You don't want us to know that? Hmm.

"I don't think Troy's unhappy being a Timberwolf; he just wants to be healthy and not pushed to do things he doesn't want to do"

Well frankly, there's a ton of shit I don't want to do, but I have to. Just because you're touring with your rap posse, doesn't mean you can skip out on workouts. Just because you don't want to? Troy, that's why you're still broken. That's why you haven't played basketball in two years - well, three if you only count the 2002 playoffs as playing.

Troy, you're broken, worn out, busted up goods, that should be retired and sent away. I know you don't feel like you're done, but you are.

Face the music Troy, you should just shut 'em down.
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