March 9, 2006

Thank God It's March

It's nice to be able to watch basketball and not be mad at the team you're watching. Championship week, followed by the NCAA tourney is a breath of fresh basketball air. Instead of watching my team fold on itself in every fourth quarter, I can watch the hopes and dreams of college kids come true or get shattered. I mean, I was watching the Montana Grizzlies and they didn't fold down the stretch. Fairleigh Dickinson did, but I don't care about them. Syracuse bought themselves a little bigger bag of tournament hopes while Cinci may have ended their season. But it's all good, because I can watch them win and lose and I'm not emotionally scared afterwards. Watching a certain professional team from my hometown on the other hand is just plain excruciating. But, as I said, it's March, so for the next few weeks I will be immersed in a much less painful kind of basketball experience...

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