July 7, 2005


So I've been reading a series of articles on Sportsline.com regarding this years free agency crop, all by position. I got to the small forwards and was a bit surprised. They have Eddie Griffin listed as a Small Forward, when in reality he's a Power Forward. Anyways, here's the bit

"2. Eddie Griffin, Minnesota: It might surprise you to see Griffin's name so high on this list, but when you talk potential reward, his upside is off the charts. Personal baggage ruined the start of his career, and as far as No. 5 overall draft picks go, he's been a disappointment. That, however, looks to be water under the bridge. Griffin had a strong season coming off the bench for the Wolves last season, showcasing a versatile game that combines strong post skills with a deft shooting touch from the perimeter. He's still maturing, but if I'm a GM willing to make an investment on an unpolished gem, Griffin's my primary target. Minnesota can match any offer he receives."

Okay, now don't get me wrong, I like Eddie Griff, he WAS a gem for a us at times last year. But to say he has a "deft shooting touch" from the perimiter? What the fuck? Fred Hoiberg has a deft shooting touch, but Griff? Unless 'deft' means likes-to-shoot-far-more-often-that-he-should, then it certainly does NOT apply to Eddie Griffin. Sure, he set the Wolves record for 3's made in a game, but he did that setting the record for attempts in a game. 32.8% does not qualify for 'deft' long range shooting. Sorry Eddie, I like your game, but you're not a strong shooter from the outside.

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Drew Boatman said...

Well, I think by "deft shooting touch", they weren't exactly talking about basketball.

I mean, he likes to shoot. This much is known. Sometimes he even shoots basketballs.