April 17, 2010

Q: What's wrong with this picture?

A: Three players are in the lane before the free throw has been shot. That is a lane violation.

Wait - this is the NBA. AND it's the playoffs. Excuse me...

A: Nothing.

Get ready for nearly two months of the same old bullshit.


Dickfer said...

It's just Game 1 of the first round. Is that even really the playoffs? Nice screen grab.

Drew Boatman said...

I feel sorriest for teams like Atlanta, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Utah. Sorry guys, Team Stern hasn't identified "stars" on your teams yet, and doesn't want you anywhere near the title picture.

They hit the motherlode with Bos-LA two years ago, and last year was at least a legit contest. They aren't taking ANY chances anymore. They don't even pretend. They can't go through a San Antonio v. Atlanta series. It would cripple their financial structure... especially with this free agency/CBA Fail coming.