November 30, 2009


What Would Doug Moe Do if he was still the coach of a team that lost to the Timberwolves?

We hit our 2-win goal for the month of November, with little time to spare! As long as they win at least 2 games a month for the rest of the season, we'll safely avoid the record for fewest wins in a season.

Gomes led the way by scoring 27 points, the most by a Timberwolves player this season. He just beat out Ole's 24 - sorry buddy!

At least we're not the Nets...

I feel like I'm going to be saying this a lot this season. We'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel, looking for snacks, and we won't get much. But the Nets. The Nets will probably go pretty hungry this year. I don't want them to, but I feel like they're going to "shatter" the single-season record for least wins in the NBA. Lawrence Frank was a pretty solid coach, pedigree or not, and now they'll have an interim head coach to clean up the mess that is this season. I wonder how happy their new Russian billionaire owner feels right about now. Maybe wins and losses don't count the same in Russia - "In Russia, game wins YOU!"

Of course, with each embarassingly souless loss, the Nets chances of landing LeBron slip futher into the toilet. The guy already saved one franchise, I can't imagine he's going to want to try and do it again. For less money. Even if Jay-Z does have LBJ's ear, who in their right mind would want to wander into that mess. The Knicks look better and better every day - and that is saying something.

Speaking of Interim Coaches...

Have you seen the face that's now coaching the New Orleans Hornets? It's a face that screams "Gimme donuts now!," moreso than Potsy's mind thinks it.

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Dickfer said...

Sadly, that was a picture of Moe just after the start of the game.

Looks like Alston is giving it his all.

Now to the gold. This guy is an athlete . . . like Weis. Perhaps now that you are a head coach, you could invest in some custom suits. That tie wants to hang straight down but it has to go around something. There is a bend to that tie. Like when you hook a sunfish. And that belt buckle. It wants to face straight out, but there is pressure forcing it to face the ground. But, hey, at least he is wearing a belt. Yeah, long johns WITH the cream filling thank you very much.