October 28, 2009

And Here We...Go

Ahh, who DOESN'T love the start of the NBA season? A time of fresh beginnings, new starts, the evil, burnt, dead, awful, embarassing, taste of previous failure is but a faint memory. Especially when the last of the Walking Dead have been removed from your teams front office.

With a new GM, new coach, and new philosophy, our beloved Wolves move into somewhat exciting territory tonight with the opening of the 2009-10 season. There's our exciting new rookie Jonny Flynn, the return of Big Al, not to mention our new head coach Kurt Rambis - apparently the Wolves will be running the Triangle offense this year...

Of course with no players with any notable experience in the triangle offense, the depth issues everywhere but the poing guard position, not knowing how Big Al will bounce back from major knee surgery - not to mention the currently-sore achillies, it's looking like wins will be a little rare this season. The injury to Kevin Love doesn't help either.

But that's okay. We, as fans, don't expect much success from them this season - success meaning wins, playoffs, etc. We only expect to see solid effort every night, an exciting brand of basketball that is fun to watch, even when you're losing. We expect to see some growth in the games of Jefferson and Love, we hope to see Corey Brewer find something resembling a jump shot - even remotely. We expect to see Flynn get major minutes. Above all else we expect to see a team - from front office to ball boy - give 100% effort every night. We expect you to earn the money we fans pay to watch this team play. If you lose, that's fine - as long as it was hard fought.

We on this blog are excited for this season to get underway. There are going to highs and lows - and uber lows - but the offseason action has told us one, very important thing: We're heading in the right direction. And right now, that's all that matters.

So bring on the Nyets, and let's get this thing underway!

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