August 6, 2009

The final middle finger to McFail

Deadzo, you have been vanquished.

The last of "your guys" is gone, gone, back back, to Cali Cali. The new coach was your infamous rival, as evidenced by the picture below. Jaric, Hudson, Mike James, Ndudi, and many, many more are all gone. In fact, only Gomes and Al Jeff remind us of KG, and Love is your only draft pick. The other one you took last year, the second rounder? He's on the roster in Miami. You sold him.

But that's it, buddy. You have been successfully excised from the team like a cancerous cyst. The surrounding skin will only grow stronger.

I am sure in my life I will both praise and curse Kahn! in various amounts, but for right now, for his early moves, he couldn't be doing better if he went and traded for KG back his damn self. What I mean is, he is cutting out all of the horrible moves that McFail made, he is remaking the roster in a different direction (one that remains to be seen exactly where it will go, but still), he is MAKING US FORGET MCFUCKO. Honestly, every trade, every signing, every little thing that is done with competence is such a lovely surprise. Such a treat to read articles where he's explaining things that make sense in basketball language, unlike McFailer, who would come out after making a terrible trade and say "we're not done yet". WELL YES YOU ARE NOW, DUMB DUMBY.

Telfair for Q? WHAT. EVER. How're we supposed to know how that plays out? Kahn! is going at this thing like a gin player, going after all the angles and seeing what pans out. Who can have any idea what the roster is going to look like in 2 months? 2 days? Al Jeff is the only safe one... you think Kahn! hasn't thought long and hard about getting value for Love? There are so many Dumb GMs out there, they would give up top dollar because he's young, cheap and can rebound and grow a weirdo beard. Kahn! knows this.

He knows a lot. He's smart. Like he should be. That's his job.

Kevin McHale doesn't live here anymore. I hope he never is involved with any team I follow ever again. I hope to never see his living face ever again. I hope every player he ever had a hand in drafting or acquiring is traded for better players. Because his tenure with the Wolves was defined by utter failure.

That failure is over. The red sun dawns on a bright future.

Go Kahn!

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Dave Snizewski said...

I cannot express to you how happy I am that Kurt Rambis is the coach of my NBA team. Could he be a total failure? Sure, he could. But he could also be great - which is where I'd put MY money. But that's not really what's important. Rambis comes from winning, knows how to win, which is something this franchise is in dire need of. They need someone who can instill that trait in the players on this team.

On a related note, if it hasn't been made official yet, then David Kahn will from this point forward be refered to as Kahn! (exclaimation included). It will be yelled in joy, and in despair, when those emotional times occur.

Now we just need Target, Best Buy, and 3M to write a $4 million check to DKV Joventut, and we'll be all set!