August 7, 2008

It's Point GUARDS, Not Guns!!

Starting PG for your Los Angeles Clippers? That's Baron "Ghetto as fuck" Davis

Your newly signed backup? White Chocolate.

I...I...there aren't enough words...


I found this vid from what appears to be the Rookie/Sophomores game from that time period. First off, the announcers are a clown. But more importantly, notice some of the names. LaFrentz, Ratliff, Odom, Griffin. A lot of winners in that group.


Drew Boatman said...

I remember that pass... didn't he execute that in a real game once?

Yeah, a lot of success in that grouping. I think Raef still draws a paycheck though.

Trip Darvez said...

Oh no.


Dickfer said...

The Clippers are finally back to being the Clippers. None of this Elton Brand crap. Get there.

Dave Snizewski said...

I just wanted to point out some other names on that roster right now, since Chief reminded me that Ricky Davis is their 6th man.

Tim Thomas
DeAndre Jordan
Brian Skinner