April 20, 2008

Atl/Boston Game #1

As any avid reader of this blog can tell you, I have not been following the NBA this season. I was flipping through the channels tonight and found Game 1 of Hawks/Celtics. I concluded a few things instantly:
A. KG did well for his new team
B. I assumed the Celtics were the #1 seed
C. The Hawks must be the #8 seed
D. The Hawks made the playoffs?!
E. The East hasn't changed

Oh, it gets better. There was a player for Atlanta, with a mohawk, named West (not Doug, though). Someone named Rondo might be 14 years old. Big Baby! Nice pick by Boston.

All that is great and dandy, but one thing blew my mind. When did Admiral Big Ball Dance join the Celtics? I . . . I didn't get that memo. Seriously? Just once . . . once, I hope to see him hit that jumper to put the game out of reach . . . then a dance.

Go Celts.

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