September 28, 2007

This Is Going To Be Frustrating...

I read an interview with Wolves head coach Randy Wittman and wasn't surprised by what he said. It sounds the same coming out of every coaches mouth when they're in charge of a bad team. You know what it sounds like? We're aiming REALLY low. Which is fine because I don't expect anything at all. But it's not what you want out of a head coach. You don't want the guy saying he's looking forward to being a teacher. You want him talking about winning, and winning ASAP. He's preaching patience when he should be riding the 'Play Hard, Win Now' train into camp. Starting the season with a bunch of excuses is not a good way to start. What kind of confindence are you instilling in your team? I know, as a player, I would have a hard time following a guy who's making excuses instead of just expectations. It's why he didn't work out in Cleveland. It's why he won't work out here. So, in response to the last question asked, no Mark, you're not the guy. Sorry.

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