August 3, 2007

Another Among Many

Because of the magnitude of losing KG I find myself constantly coming back to it in my mind - even in the wake of the 35w bridge collapse, which also weighs heavy on my mind. The more I think about it, the more my thoughts change and develop and I begin to process the event and what it means for me as both a Timberwolves fan and a KG fan - it's sad that those two are no longer one in the same. On one hand I feel betrayed by the Wolves organization for the bad trades and free agent signings and for not being able to do what Boston has now done - assuming that doesn't go the same way the Sam and Spree experiment went. From the Joe Smith deal to the Jaric trade, it has been one bumbling decision after another by Kevin McHale and Glen Taylor that has led us up to where we are now. I think all of us understood KG's remarks with regards to loyalty and the organization during his press conference(pt. 1, 2, 3). You can only hold on for so long when seeing drastically different paths and time tables for very similar goals.

It's like any great relationship - when it goes wrong, it hurts. A lot. But, looking at it in that regard, in every relationship, when you know both parties, who do you follow? Can you be friends with both? It's a hard thing to consider, especially when you feel one party acted inappropriately. But what if the dumper has been your friend for 17 years? Sure, you've known the dumpee for 12, but 17 years is a long time. Is it fair for me to abandon an old friend? Just because he/she made a decision I don't agree with? No, I don't think it is. But that's the question we all have to answer, as Timberwolves fans, with regards to the trade of KG.

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