February 27, 2007

So...what'chu got?

Hell, I don't know, we have a few weeks to go before they even announce who---

I'm thinking possibly 7 from the Big East. Take them and 5 from the ACC, you have the East bracket right there.

Well, sure, maybe. But we'll see after the--

How many will the Big Ten get? 4?


As a college basketball fan, it's obvious knowing the big steak dinner comes in late March. We wait for it, if not that patiently...like a hefty man who devoured his potato skins with the arrogance of King Kong swatting airplanes, as if to say "Fine. You put cheese covered taters in front of me, I'm gonna eat them, but that's not why I'm here." Me? Well, I can't get into college basketball's pre-season...watching North Carolina play at home for the millionth time against Southern West Delaware doesn't do a thing for me. So, I wait as the games get better and more important. When there's more at stake, the more exciting it gets.

Did you say steak? Dude, what's Missouri Valley? How many wins do they have?

Time, my human rotunda. Sure, I'd like the tournament to start right fucking now, but that's not how it works. By this time next week we're pulling for Wright St. to sneak in. We're seeing Championship games being played in front of hundreds while arena workers scramble to turn off the lights in the upper deck. But then...then...when the brackets are there, and when Billy Packer gets angry about being irrelevant AGAIN...when Potsy has Oral Roberts in the Sweet 16...that is when the steak will be served. It will be tempting to devour this 64 oz. immediately, but it's best to take your time. Because, before you know it, it's April; you have no steak, and no desert. From there it's a long road to another meaningful college basketball game. You're talking 2008. That's a whole world from now, and who knows what the world holds for us. Larger dippin' sauce cups, perhaps?

Sweet - do they have Ranch?

Yes, they do. But give it time...the feast will be here soon enough.

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