August 4, 2005

Stephon being Stephon

"You know, they want me to get traded now because things are getting good. Same things that happened at every other team I was on. As soon as everybody started being players, then I get the boot. But I got somebody that's on my side now. And I think people, they can't deal with that, knowing that Isiah and I are close." - Stephon Marbury

Seriously. Every time something doesn't go right for Marbury, he's blaming someone else. When he wanted to be the number one guy in Minnesota, it was McHale's fault. When they didn't win in New Jersey, it was the owners fault. Even when they didn't win in Phoenix, the other players were to blame. Shit, he was even whining last season in New York because he didn't think the coaches were using him correctly.

Okay, really? I think that maybe if that many teams suck with you on them, then maybe it's not their fault. Maybe it's you. Maybe it's because you are such a selfish player. Maybe it's because you're a bad teammate. Maybe it's because your head is so big that you can't see the big picture. Or, maybe it's everyone elses fault.

It's no suprise to me why Stephon thinks he and Isaiah get along so well. They're very similar people. Both are extremely competitive, hard nosed, and selfish. Isaiah was not selfish as a player, but his inability to be compared on equal terms with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, have turned him insanely competitive - stupidly so. So they're a match made in heaven. Big headed, hardnosed, selfish, stupid.

So Steph thinks Isaiah will stay on his side? I doubt that. Since he's been in management, when has Isaiah been loyal? Toronto? No, not really. Indiana? Maybe, but Larry Bird knew he was stupid and was going to ruin the franchise, so the dumped him before he could screw them. He's already shown that he doesn't give a shit about New York, what with all the rediculous moves he's made there. Eventually he'll turn on Stephon, or Stephon on him and they'll show how stupid they both are. Especially together.

I'm sorry that 80% of my blogs end up in me calling Isaiah Thomas stupid, but I can't help it, he's the pinnacle of stupid and an easy comparison for me much of the time. I promise, in the future, to try better to leave Isaiah out my blogs. God is he stupid!

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